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What can I say... About Me?

Hey, I'm Melinda!

I love movies… absolutely adore them! I could not live without them! And I love just about every genre. There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting in a darkened room, in a comfy chair with plenty of snacks around me… and a great movie on the screen.

And I honestly couldn't tell you what my favourite movie is - I've seen too many and I simply can't choose. I know there are movies that I can see over and over again, and #1 hubby and I will do movie marathons of differing franchises - our biggest, and most taxing, being all 22 Avenger movies, over 3 weeks, before Endgame dropped.

I'm someone who has had a couple of careers - I'm a Metallurgist and I used to make steel, and then aluminium. I've been a Trainer, a Quality Engineer and a Safety Officer.

Right now - I am an over-qualified budgie breeder, a hobby I inherited from my dad.

I'm a mum of two brilliant young men and I live with #1 hubby, two dogs and a heap of budgies!!

What can I say... About Movie of the Day?

So, what is 'Movie of the Day' supposed to be about?

When 'Movie of the Day' started out, I thought it would be a proper Movie Review site - but let's face it I might bugger up the facts; I have really strong opinions about the movie, which I am very keen to share; I describe the movie - in detail - and give away the ending. And I swear…. a lot!

Then I thought 'Movie of the Day' might be a proper Movie Blog - but to be honest I'm not really sure what a movie blog would look like… sooo…

In the end I decided that my strengths lay in my storytelling. So, 'Movie of the Day' writes short stories about well-known movies. They're weird stories; sarcastic stories; funny stories; quirky stories. I totally take the piss out of these movies!

You will note the short musical interludes in some of my short stories. Yes, that is me playing and/or singing a snippet of the film's soundtrack - at times quite badly - just to give you that fully submersive experience. You're welcome.

My Movie Ratings System

You will see that at the end of my Movie Re-tellings I have an emoji ratings system, for me to rate the movie... I think it works better than a star system. What do you think?





I am VEXED!!


And if you want to comment?

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Thanks guys!